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The world is rapidly evolving; constant technological developments are pushing the average user further away from the ability to be involved. There are many different online platforms offered within the travel sectors for all different types of bookings however majority owned by the 5 main monopolies within the travel & tourism industry. Due to this dominance and narrow market dynamics vendors are often squeezed operating on very small profit margins whilst also allowing larger business to pay to edit their reviews if they receive negative feedback. Both vendors and consumers within this market need a fair, transparent and trusted platform. Concierge.io intends to release CGE Token on the Neo blockchain as an instrument to utilise the platform at the lowest cost possible for vendors whilst benefiting consumers through a cheaper, transparent and safe platform.

Decentralized Booking Engine

A decentralized hotel and tour booking engine – the CGE ledger is the system that regulates all transactions and relationships between users. This will be fully integrated to the concierge marketplace, allowing us to further develop the ecosystem.

Concierge.io Accepted Payments

Our platform will have multiple payment options from both cryptocurrencies include Concierge (CGE), Bitcoin, NEO, GAS, Litecoin and also fiat currencies from sources such as PayPal, Debit and credit cards.

Technology, Security And Liquidity

The incorporation of blockchain within our marketplace and ecosystem allows use to give instant transactions, non-disputable transmission of information, affordability and highly encrypted database.

Multiple API Integrations

We will be utilizing multiple API’s which will enable vendors to easily transfer their listings from current websites they advertise on with ease. All Users will be able to login simply with Facebook and Google.

Upto 50% Lower Booking Prices

Due to the advanced capabilities of blockchain technology, hoteliers and tour operators can sell on the marketplace for up-to 50% less. This will be reflected within the reduced cost the consumer pays and increased costs vendor can ask for.

Business Revenue Streams

We have 2 options for vendors; they can opt for our premium feature and pay 0% commission or select the free option which incurs a 10% booking fee upon each booking.

Non-Disputable Review Process

Reviews over the blockchain cannot be changed or manipulated in anyway at any time. This allows concierge to be the most transparent booking platform available within the industry.

Concierge Ecosystem

We encourage developers to build upon the concierge decentralized ledger with any travel based marketplaces. By increasing the number of market places operating on the CGE engine it will increase value of the CGE token.



Marketplace and Ecosystem

Concierge Ledger information

User Interface

For all users the marketplace has been designed around being simple and easy to use. Our key goal is to reduce the amount of time each user spends on the platform, the quicker they reach their ideal location or tour the better.

  • Simple user friendly application and web platform

  • 3 click from opening app to confirm booking.

  • Compatible login with Facebook and Google for ease of booking.

  • High performance platform with instant response time.

  • Highly secure & encrypted.

  • Real-time instant messaging between users.

  • No personal data will be stored on our network at any given time

App Coming Soon

Concierge.io Partners

Behind the Scenes

Adam Chaplin

CEO & Founder


Steve Hipwell

CMO & Founder


Mark Vroon

CCO & Founder


Paul Spallini

Technical Director


An Nguyen

Blockchain Developer

Jurick Joling

Senior Developer

Tony Bui

Technical Liason

Dominic Tunstall

Creative Designer

Advisors & Investors

Nguyen Hong Dai

Vice-President of the Tourism Association of Vietnam

President of the Hanoi Tourism Club & CEO Apt Travel Asia

Debbie Ward

Angel Investor and United Kingdom Business Advisor

CEO Premier Caravans Limited & Holiday Home Park Owner

Simon Stevens

Angel Investor and South East Asian Business Advisor

CEO Resort Vacations Vietnam & CEO Classic Escapes Vietnam

Indi Nainggolan

Angel Investor and Indonesian Hotel Business Liason

Partner/Owner at PT. Indi Mandiri Villa Management/ Investment

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